The Ascending Gleam

The pave setting of diamonds so closely put together exhibit the flawlessness of the artisans. The emerald drops radiate in their natural glory and compliment the aesthetics of this luxurious adornment.

The Diamond Ampersand

The ampersand shaped necklace exemplifies excellence. Choicest diamonds have been meticulously placed and cast in precious metal to create a necklace that adds to the charisma of the lady who adorns it. The finesse and precision seen in this necklace resonates the Company’s belief in creating quality masterpieces.

Emerald and Diamond Necklace – A Necklace Extraordinaire

The natural glow of emeralds have been designed and put together in a bouquet to create an adornment that is truly classy and timeless. The sheer detailing in designing and craftsmanship of this necklace makes it an heirloom forever.