Pear Shaped Diamond Earrings

High quality pear shaped emeralds have been embedded between glistening diamonds to create a pair of uniquely chic earrings for the diva in you! The art of creating a masterpiece stems from an unwavering passion for excellence.

Ruby Diamond Waterfall

Pigeon blood red rubies have masterfully been placed between gleaming diamonds to create the magic of contrast of radiant red and white. These earrings are truly timeless!

The Opulent Ones

The lusciousness of quality diamonds glistens through these extraordinary earrings that personify opulence and grandeur. The intricate detailing and choicest selection of each of the diamonds placed in these earrings make them an absolute treasure.

Rose Cut Diamond Earrings

The vision of the designer is artistically carried out to perfection by trained artisans who meticulously shape the ornament and embed it with ethically sourced quality rose-cut diamonds. These earrings exude the charm of unadulterated magnificence.

Emerald Pear Drop and Diamond Baguette Earrings

The elusive pair of earrings is not only dainty and gorgeous but has also been crafted with utmost precision by master craftsmen. The exquisite earrings are most ideal present to mark a special day!

Diamond Emerald Earrings

A selection of finest diamonds has been meticulously arranged by trained craftsmen to create a pair of earrings that resonates luxury and opulence. The deep colours of quality emeralds accentuate the appeal of these signature earrings.

Rose Gold & Diamond Earrings

Designed to create a crescendo of gleaming diamonds, these ornaments draw inspiration from the filigrees of Taj Mahal. Certified quality stones have been meticulously placed in precious rose gold metal and are a testimony to the craftsmanship and eye-for-detailing.

Emerald Diamond Stunners

The glimmering emerald rocks gorgeously placed beneath a bed of radiant diamonds make for an absolutely splendid pair of luxurious earrings. These earrings are exceptionally attractive and are most suited to every ensemble.